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Wells: Pacers expect to release Sam Young

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Pacers reserve swingman Sam Young fell the victim of unfortunate circumstances leading to his release.

Harry How

The Indiana Pacers made a business decision on Sunday as they will reportedly release swingman Sam Young.

Pacers beat writer Mike Wells tweeted the news that the Pacers made the tough decision to let Young due to a recent ankle injury and his non-guaranteed contract. Young hurt his ankle during practice on Thursday which was expected to keep him sidelined for several weeks.

That news combined with the fact Young's contract would become guaranteed later this week made this a stone-cold business decision as the Pacers may look to add another player that can fill in right away.

According to Wells, the Pacers will look to sign a big wing defender to a 10-day contract in hopes of finding an additional defender who can, oh, I don't know, help out with LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony (both up next on the Pacers schedule). Wells mentions Dominic McGuire, recently released by New Orleans as a potential option.

This should open up an opportunity for rookie Orlando Johnson to play but OJ won't be the answer to Young's role completely since he's too small to defend bigger wing players, a role the Pacers hoped Young would fill against key Eastern Conference rivals.

Stay tuned since this critical week for the Pacers just added a little more intruigue.