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Pacers Links: Pacers taking pride in defending Fieldhouse with wins

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The Pacers have a pair of tough home games coming up which will test their current home winning streak.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers beat the Milwaukee Bucks for their seventh consecutive win at Bankers Life Fiehdouse with the aid of a Roy Hibbert showing. Hibbert hauled in 15 rebounds with 11 of those on the offensive end which made his 20 points come nice and easy.

Hibbert and all of those offensives boards helped give the Pacers 19 second chance points en route to a season-high 64 points in the paint, 36 of which came in the second half to help put the Bucks away.

In the last 13 games the Pacers' opponents are averaging less than 87 points per game and last night was the eighth time in those 13 games that the opponent scored less than 90 points.

The Pacers will now carry put their home winning streak to the ultimate test when they host the Miami Heat on Tuesday. According to George Hill, Frank Vogel doesn't take playing at home lightly and makes it a point of emphasis for his team to defend their home court.

"Coach is holding us accountable to protect our home court," Hill said. "Like he says, this is supposed to be sacred ground, something we have to cherish when other people come into this arena. It takes all of us, and that's what we're buying into."

Before hitting the links, check out Paul George greeting Larry Sanders at the rim: