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Pacers Links: Pacers have no answers against Celtics, need to hit reset button for Bucks

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The Pacers put up some horrible shooting numbers in Boston and couldn't find another way to combat the motivated Celtics.

Jared Wickerham

The Indiana Pacers finally missed George Hill but after the Boston Celtics mauled the blue and gold by 19 points his presence wouldn't have been enough to turn this clunker around. The Pacers should now be happy that ESPN decided to bump them off the national stage last night for that embarrassment.

Paul George and David West threw up matching four for 18 shooting nights and only Tyler Hansbrough (7-11) seemed to be able find the range consistently, that is when he wasn't taking random 'bows from Kevin Garnett and Jared Sullinger. So nothing from PG, West or George Hill leaves the Pacers with little else to lean on this year.

The game became a rare throw away game early as Frank Vogel left his starters to stew on the bench throughout the fourth quarter while getting some rest to play the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night. Thegood news is that the Pacers have been pretty good at bouncing back from poor performances to play well, especially at home. Not sure they've played worse this season than they did last night, so that theory will be put to the test by a Milwaukee team that always finds a way to give the Pacers fits.

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