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Pacers' struggles leads to 47-35 halftime deficit to Celtics

After a futile offensive first quarter, the Boston Celtics woke up long before the Indiana Pacers did, sparking a 17-3 run to run away from Indiana, giving them a 12-point lead. The Celtics defense frustrated the Pacers when Indiana was unable to even pass the ball without it being deflected, resulting in 10 Pacers turnovers. The Celtics scored 32 points in the second quarter as the Pacers had 35 in the entire half, shooting 31.8%.

Paul George and David West began the night 1-15 from the floor, heading into the half 5-23 for a total of 13 points. Tyler Hansbrough leads the Pacers with eight in a first half the Pacers were out-rebounded, out-hustled, and broken down defensively.

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