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NBA Power Rankings: Pacers slip with road woes

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The Pacers on a three game losing streak

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers, with their three straight road losses that dropped them to 10-16 on the year, have built up something of a Jekyll & Hyde persona with their play at and away from Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The reason for this? It's a little hard to say, perhaps it's away from Indy that the Pacers really feel the loss of Danny Granger, especially given Indiana's road success last season.

Despite this, the rankings are kind to Indiana's struggles, some minor murmurs about the team's issues winning consistently on the road, but with the level of competition in their four game road trip, the Pacers weren't hit too hard in the rankings despite dropping in most of them. The issues that led to Indiana's close on the road trip, resulting in three straight 100 point games, had to do with transition and interior defense. Transition could be written off as a Western Conference style that lined up at a bad time, a poor excuse, but one nonetheless.

Even still, there could be concerns about the team's interior defense as of late, getting killed by opposing bigs in the three game losing streak. With Detroit's incredibly talented front court of Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe coming to town Wednesday night, it's time for the Pacers to get back on track defensively with a great majority of their games in the next month at home.

Elsewhere, Sam Amico of Fox Sports continues to advocate the Pacers trading Danny Granger upon his return and/or diminishing his minutes in some way to avoid confrontation with Paul George's emergence as "the guy," but it seems incredibly confusing why that would actually be a good idea considering the versatility of George as a wing player and the fact Granger can help solve Indiana's greatest weakness: scoring! Since when is being able to bring in another guy who can get you 20 points any night a bad thing, especially for one of the worst offensive teams in the league?

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