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This Day in Pacers History: January 29

It's been a roller-coaster-like type of day for the Pacers. On some days, they shoot lights out in like 1994, but come out cold like in the 2000s.

Even though Rasheed Wallace is a Knick now, he was a bully to the Pacers on this date in 2008.
Even though Rasheed Wallace is a Knick now, he was a bully to the Pacers on this date in 2008.
Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

  • 1980: Billy Knight led the Pacers with 26 points, but the scoring was a widespread trend among the team in a 133-112 win over Houston.
  • 1983: Indiana scored 133 on this night, too, and also won 133-122 over the Kansas City Kings.
  • 1985: Dominique Wilkins scored 40 points against the Pacers in a 115-106 win for the Hawks.
  • 1986: Indiana held Washington to 36 percent shooting, including only allowing 13 points in the fourth quarter, to beat the Bullets 92-88.
  • 1988: Mike Gminski had a strong double-double that the Pacers couldn't handle in a 94-89 loss to the Sixers.
  • 1992: Charles Barkley had a good night for the Sixers, but his other Philly teammates can't say the same. The Sixers shot 36 percent from the floor enabling Indiana to sail with a 115-90 win.
  • 1994: Hakeem the Dream put in a double-double that on most nights would help the Rockets beat their opponent. However, on this night, Indiana shot over 60 percent in a 119-108 win.
  • 1997: Reggie Miller dropped 40 points on the Charlotte Hornets, including making six 3-pointers. Indiana won 106-95.
  • 2000: Reggie led the game in points in this contest, too, but it was 30, respectively. Indiana beat the Heat, 94-84.
  • 2003: Despite having a really good season, Indiana had an off-night against the Spurs while shooting only 36 percent in a 106-97 loss.
  • 2005: Indiana was just as cold two years later shooting 36 percent overall once again in a 95-88 loss to Denver.
  • 2008: Rasheed Wallace was a nuisance as usual with his 24 points and 10 rebounds as he jawed the Pacers to their fourth straight loss, 110-104.
  • 2010: It wasn't a pretty night for the Pacers. They could only scrape together 28 second-half points while LeBron James scored 22 points and dished out 13 assists in a 94-73 road win for the Cavs.
  • 2011: Carlos Boozer had 24 points that helped the Bulls beat the Pacers 110-89.
  • 2012: Orlando had second-half struggles by scoring 34 and turning the ball over 19 times that helped the Pacers cruise past the Magic, 106-85.