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Pacers Links: Frustrated Pacers head home after 1-3 road trip

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The Pacers lost another tight game in Denver on Monday, again wandering off the court while staring at the refs.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers came out on the losing end of a frantic finish for the second game in a row, after the Denver Nuggets got the final call of the game to allow Andre Iguodala to win the game for the Nuggs at the free throw line.

The game was oddly called throughout with tons of perimeter contact allowed in the second half while random fouls were called. The Pacers defense seemed to thrive once the game went physical and they were able to make a run at stealing the win down the stretch.

Make no mistake, if the Pacers won this game they would've had to quickly jump in the get away care and flee town. But instead they were left stunned with another loss after losing their way earlier in the second half to fall behind by double digits. They weren't talking about the refs after the game, but Davis West took his old-school game to Twitter to leave an old-school complaint about how the game played out.

Before looking at the refs, the Pacers should look around the rim where they were outscored 50 to 36 and allowed Kosta Koufos and Timofey Mozgov impact the game with a combined 19 points. Some of Denver's buckets at the rim came in transition where the Pacers were beaten 21-8 on the night.

Now the Pacers return home for a heavy home schedule where they will play nine of their next ten games beginning on Wednesday when they host the Detroit Pistons.

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