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This Day in Pacers History: January 24

Indiana has had some peculiar games on this date, including shooting not so well in 2006 against the Cavs.

Before meeting in the playoffs, Ryan Anderson helped beat the Pacers on Jan, 24, 2012.
Before meeting in the playoffs, Ryan Anderson helped beat the Pacers on Jan, 24, 2012.
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  • 1978: Five Pacers scored in double digits despite starting out slow. Pacers win, 96-92.
  • 1981: Indiana scored 64 in the second half to propel them to a 107-89 win over Dallas.
  • 1984: Clark Kellogg scores 31 points in a 114-107 win over the Pistons.
  • 1986: Milwaukee shot nearly 12 percent better than the Pacers did, and the Bucks ended up winning 117-92.
  • 1987: Phoenix beats Indiana 104-103 in a back-and-forth game that included only 16 points in the fourth quarter by Indiana.
  • 1988: Indiana wins 128-109 without making a 3-pointer.
  • 1990: Magic Johnson puts up 32 points in a game the Lakers took control of in the fourth quarter. Lakers win 120-111.
  • 1992: Despite starting the game with 32 points, Cleveland gets the win by two over Indiana, 104-102.
  • 1993: Alonzo Mourning turns in a double-double, but it's Indiana that gets the win 112-105.
  • 1994: Reggie Miller scores a game-high 26 points in a 96-88 loss to the Bucks.
  • 1995: Indiana would like to forget about the middle two quarters as they scored 18 and 17, respectively, and Miami took advantage of that 107-96.
  • 1997: Reggie was the game's leading scorer once again against the Bucks, but this time the Pacers won 97-89.
  • 1998: Indiana scored just 14 points in the opening quarter, but bounced back to beat Boston 95-88.
  • 2000: Chicago found their eighth win by beating the Pacers 83-82.
  • 2003: Indiana gets a win, but it wasn't very pretty as they shot 37 percent from the floor in the most recent meeting that a Seattle team has visited Indianapolis.
  • 2004: Kwame Brown leads the game in points in a Wizards 106-97 win and Washington shoots 50 percent from the floor. Not a good night for the Pacers.
  • 2006: The most Indiana scored in a quarter was 20 while shooting 32 percent from the court. I'll leave it at that.
  • 2007: Shaq played his 10th career game off the bench after returning from injury, but it was the Pacers who beat the Heat in overtime thanks to 14 points scored by Danny Granger in the final regulation period.
  • 2008: Milwaukee had no trouble against Indiana, 104-92.
  • 2012: Ryan Anderson scored 24 points for the Magic, and that helped beat Indiana 102-83.