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2013 NBA All-Star Game: Paul George earns reserve spot with Eastern Conference All-Stars

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It's official - the Pacers' 22-year old wing will join the NBA's best players in Houston!


Paul George will represent the Indiana Pacers in the 2013 NBA All-Star game as a reserve for the Eastern Conference team.

George earns the honor as voted on by the coaches forced to account for opposing players, which in turn makes for a more meaningful milestone for PG in just his third NBA season. Playing in the actual All-Star game really isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but earning a spot on the team is big, not only to recognize the big leap PG has made this season but also for marketing the local team to a world-wide stage.

No longer Pacers wing Paul George, he is now Pacers All-Star wing Paul George.

From day one as a young player out of Fresno State, PG has expressed his intent to be a star in the NBA. As I've mentioned before his expressed confidence has never seemed arrogant. He never gave the impression of a young player that had arrived before he had actually accomplished anything.

But he has always set his sights high.

PG knew he had to work to reach his goals and I guarantee, while he will enjoy his All-Star nod, he won't be satisfied. Over the past couple of months, the young fella has elevated his game to a level we all hoped was possible at some point but now, with his ability to score and defend, we realize he is still just scratching the surface.

There are no worries that PG won't continue to work to add to his game like he did this summer when he started addressing his ball handling deficiencies with Jerry Powell, who by the way said PG had a chance to be an All-Star this year. Ball handling remains an area PG struggles with, but that also highlights just how much room for growth remains.

But forget salivating over the future, tonight is about celebrating the current state of Paul George - All-Star.

Here is a quote about making the All-Star game (via Mike Wells) which perfectly captures PG's mindset about his game.

Congrats 2-4!