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Pacers Final Score: Pacers Escape Memphis With 82-81 Road Win

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Indiana can take a deep sigh of relief after defeating Memphis 82-81 Monday afternoon.


These two teams are very evenly matched, so it comes to little surprise to see the Grizzlies and the Pacers battle down to the final horn.

Indiana ended out on top 82-81 thanks to a near triple-double by Paul George, who scored 12 points, brought in 10 rebounds and had nine assists on the afternoon.

George Hill was the one who scored the game-winning point, driving to the hole to draw a foul with one second remaining in an 81-81 game. Hill made the back end of a two-shot set give the Pacers the lead. Rudy Gay then banked in a shot well after the buzzer in Memphis' last gasp.

Outside of blocks and three-point shooting, the box score was very even. However, Indiana had 11 blocks, including five from David West. Memphis only had two blocks.

From the three-point line, Indiana shot 8-for-17 while Memphis mustered a 4-for-10 performance.

The game's last point came on a free throw, which is ironic, because there were only 18 combined free throws attempted in the game.

Indiana's next game is at Portland on Wednesday night.