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Pacers lead Wizards 47-39 at halftime

After storming out to a 24-7 lead on back-to-back Paul George three pointers, the Indiana Pacers' bench slowly let the Washington Wizards back into the game behind 12 points from Jordan Crawford. The Pacers had that 24 in the first six and a half minutes, but would only score 23 the rest of the half thanks to the struggles of the bench to hold onto the ball and the missed shots to end the half, leading Roy Hibbert to call out the bench in the halftime interview.

Paul George would lead the Pacers with 17 points and seven rebounds with a pair of steals and Roy Hibbert had nine points. Lance Stephenson had a quiet four points, but was the result of a highlight alley oop and picked up a pair of steals. The bench as a whole had just seven points in the first half, Ian Mahinmi leading the unit with five points and seven rebounds.

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