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This Day in Pacers History: January 18

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There were a couple game-winning shots on this date in Pacers history. One of them went Indiana's way in 2003 while another made by a Miami foe in 2007 went against the Pacers.

Dwyane Wade hit a game-winning layup against the Pacers on this date in 2007.
Dwyane Wade hit a game-winning layup against the Pacers on this date in 2007.
Jonathan Daniel

  • 1978: It was a roller-coaster kind of game for the Pacers, but they found themselves on the losing end to the Spurs 109-96.
  • 1981: Mike Bantom led the way with 25 points in a 110-89 win over the Jazz.
  • 1983: Larry Bird scored 32 points in a 130-126 defenseless game that Boston won. However, all five starters for the Pacers scored in double figures.
  • 1985: The 12-27 Pacers gave the Celtics their seventh loss by holding them to 45 percent shooting in a 91-86 win for Indiana.
  • 1986: Melvin Turpin's double-double helped his Cavaliers beat the Pacers 108-95.
  • 1988: Indiana shot just 38 percent, and on most nights, that won't cut it. Indiana left Seattle with a 115-105 road loss.
  • 1992: It was all Indiana all night. Reggie Miller scored 32 points in a 127-103 cooling to the Heat.
  • 1993: Derrick Coleman played 42 minutes for the Nets and led the game with 25 points as New Jersey squeaked past the Pacers 100-97.
  • 1995: Sure, Nick Van Exel had a double-double, but his Lakers fell to the Pacers 106-105.
  • 1998: Indiana defeats Boston 103-96 thanks to 53 percent shooting while holding the Celtics to 45 percent.
  • 2001: The basket was not necessarily friendly to either the Pacers or the Hawks. Atlanta could only scrape together six points off the bench which led Indiana to win 84-76.
  • 2002: Detroit got their first road win (96-93) despite nearly blowing a 19-point lead in the second half.
  • 2003: Jermaine O' Neal sent the Pistons home with a sour 88-86 loss with a buzzer-beater to win it.
  • 2005: Jammal Tinsley took control in the fourth by nearly completely manning a 10-0 run that helped put the Rockets away 87-74 in Houston.
  • 2006: Anthony Johnson clocked in a double-double on the floor helping the Pacers beat the Bobcats 98-92.
  • 2007: Dwyane Wade scored 33 points, including the game-winning layup with four seconds remaining to beat the Pacers by two.
  • 2012: Remember when the Kings shot just 30 percent and still managed to beat the Pacers? Sorry for the reminder.
  • 2013: Indiana faces Houston once again tonight.