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This Day in Pacers History: January 17

Blake Griffin has his career-high in points against the Pacers, and it happened in 2009 on this date. There's not much other good news on this date, either.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

  • 1982: Johnny Davis scored 20 points in a 116-103 win over the Bulls.
  • 1986: It was all Kevin McHale as he scored 26 points for the Celtics in a 123-105 win over the Pacers. Indiana was in a bit of a skid as the Pacers lost their seventh straight.
  • 1987: It took two extra frames to get the win, but Indiana came out on top of Dallas 119-115. Indiana shot nearly 55 percent from the floor.
  • 1989: Chuck Person led the way with 29 points, but wasn't enough as Indiana received their 26th loss of the year by losing 103-96 to Chicago.
  • 1990: Person keeps the trend going by putting up 30 in a 121-111 loss in Miami.
  • 1992: Scott Skiles was unstoppable as he put up 41 points while beating the Pacers 127-120 despite shooting 57 percent.
  • 1994: A sluggish third quarter did the Pacers in as they fell to Atlanta 102-93.
  • 1997: Two Warriors combined for 52 points as the Pacers lost 98-91.
  • 2000: 34 points in the fourth quarter enabled the T'Wolves to sprint past the Pacers.
  • 2003: Paul Pierce hit two clutch shots in the fourth quarter that put the Celtics over the Pacers 98-93.
  • 2004: New Jersey scored just 10 points in the final frame, and Indiana took full advantage of that in a 90-84 win.
  • 2011: Blake Griffin is usually a monster every night, but against the Pacers on this date, he put up a career-best 47 points. The Clippers won 114-107.