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Pacers Links: Magic drop Pacers from deep

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The Pacers couldn't overcome an impressive barrage of three-balls from the Magic on Wednesday night.


The Indiana Pacers lost to the Orlando Magic by 11 points after mopping up a messy deficit during garbage time. When the game was still in question and the deficit hovered around 20 points, Orlando continually squashed Indiana's legit runs at getting back in the game by making perimeter shots.

In the end, the Magic outscored the Pacers from behind the arc by 30 points as splashing shots from three land spread throughout the Magic roster like the flu epidemic. The results certainly left the Pacers feeling under the weather while dealing with their fourth loss in their last five road games.

The Pacers return home to play Houston on Friday when they will need to tighten up their defense again to deal with the Rockets who will bring in a top ten offensive attack despite recent struggles to win games. The Pacers have proven time and again they can get it done at the Fieldhouse, but with a tough road trip next week the Pacers have a chance to show just how good they can be by taking their game to another level on the road.

The Pacers remain in third place in the East with a half game lead on Chicago in the Central Division. The Bulls beat Toronto in overtime while the Pacers were losing in Orlando. The race in the East remains tight so stumbling on the road could send the Pacers tumbling down the standings in a hurry.

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