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Danny Granger Injury: Frank Vogel discusses Granger's rehab progress

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The Pacers look forward to the return of their high-scoring forward as he aims toward a return in February.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Indiana Pacers have fared quite well without star forward Danny Granger, all things considered. But that doesn't mean they aren't looking forward to his return in February.

After a throw-away night like they had in Orlando, it's hard not to wonder if Granger may have been able to shoot them back in the game. Fortunately, it appears as though Granger is actually on schedule to return. Even if it takes him a few weeks to work back into prime time shape, getting Granger back on the court with plenty of time to prepare for the playoffs would be huge.

Frank Vogel offered an update on Granger's rehab while talking about the Pacers with Dan Dakich on 1070 The Fan. According to Vogel, it sounds like Granger is starting to ramp up his physical activity.

Dakich: Do you anticipate him (Granger) back and if so, when?

Vogel: Yeah, we absolutely anticipate him back. He's doing well. His knee is healing and right now they're at the point where they are just trying to increase activity on a daily and weekly basis to make sure it can hold up to the where and tear of the NBA season. And everything has held up pretty strongly so far. I'm not sure what the exact time table is but probably some time early in February.

While in Brooklyn, Vogel mentioned a late January or early February return, so again with DD we hear a pretty positive assessment from Vogel that should put concerns about Granger not returning at all to rest. At least until we expect to see him on the court in a few weeks.