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NBA Power Rankings: Pacers up in rankings after successful week

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Indiana jumps up in most polls after a 3-1 week.


A successful week that saw the Indiana Pacers go 3-1, with wins against Miami, New York, and Charlotte, only marred by a tough loss against Brooklyn, who has had the best recent offensive output in the NBA in their own winning streak, has made the Pacers top 10 mainstays in the Power Rankings.

An early issue with this team, aside from offensive woes that reared its ugly head in a horrible 3-22 shooting exhibition against the Nets in the fourth quarter, was their inability to beat quality opponents. But before giving away the game to the Nets, a game they seemed to have in control heading into the final period, they were in the middle of three wins against Eastern playoff teams.

John Schuhmann of brings up the next step the Pacers will need to adjust to, as the team currently sits at a paltry 1-7 on the road against Eastern playoff teams, 1-9 against playoff teams overall. At home, the Pacers are 5-2, just 3-0 against the East. The defense has come up big at home in recent weeks to top some of the league's best teams, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the road, starting with two this week against Charlotte and Orlando before a four-game road trip out West serves as a definer for the blue and gold against four quality Western Conference home teams.

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Indiana is in the 9th spot this week, Seth Rosenthal noting the team's impressive defense (except against Brooklyn) despite the offensive struggles.

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The Pacers move up to #7 in Marc Stein's rankings, the timing of Frank Vogel's modest extension seeming perfectly aligned with the team's success.

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Indiana drops to No. 10 according to John Schuhmann. While he's impressed with the team as a contender in the East, there is some concerns about the team's road success against Eastern playoff teams.

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In addition to having the league's best overall defense nearing the halfway point, the 8th ranked Pacers also have the best defense against corner threes and inside the restricted area.

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David Aldridge soars the Pacers all the way up to No. 6 after their impressive week at home, making a simple observation about Paul George kinda sorta looking like an All-Star.

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The Pacers drop to #14 after the struggles they faced in Brooklyn, sandwiched between two divisional foes, Chicago and...Detroit?

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The Pacers remain 10th, their solid week nearly improving them to .500 against the top half of the NBA.