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Pacers Links: A call for Tyler Hansbrough to return to Carolina as Pacers prepare for Bobcats

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The Indiana Pacers remain on the road to play the Charlotte Bobcats as a local writer makes the case for Charlotte adding Tyler Hansbrough to the roster.

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The Indiana Pacers will try to get back to their winning ways on Tuesday night when they visit the Charlotte Bobcats. No road wins are taken for granted with the Pacers this year so while it is safe to expect a W out of the blue and gold, I'd wait to put it down until the final buzzer.

Among the stories leading up to the game, I found Tom Sorenson of the Charlotte Observer making the case for the Bobcats to trade for Tyler Hansbrough. Sorenson assume the maket price for landing Hansbrough wouldn't be too high considering his status as a role player on the last year of his rookie deal. He also taps into an solid description of Hansbrough's game in the NBA, noting that if nothing else, at least fans would know one of their big men was on the floor.

There are evenings when you aren't aware the Bobcats have big men.

You are aware of Hansbrough. He plays as hard as anybody in the league. He runs relentlessly, goes through bigger men for rebounds and is just really annoying. That's why he shoots so many free throws. To see him is to want to foul him. Fans want to foul him.

So...would you be willing to deal Hansbrough to Charlotte and at what price?

Hansbrough was part of a group that checked out NASCAR's Hendrick Motorsports on the off day, no doubt led by rubbin'-is-racin' junkie David Benner.

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