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Pacers Links: Pacers leave Brooklyn behind after frustrating fourth quarter

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The Pacers remain on the road for two more games this week after losing to the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday evening.

Bruce Bennett

The Indiana Pacers were left with a loss on the road to the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday night after a frustrating fourth-quarter fade fueled by a vicious combination of factors favoring the home team.

The Pacers built a double-digit lead on a faulty foundation with foul trouble forcing Frank Vogel to rely on a playing rotation that would struggle to score under normal circumstances. Once the Nets started rolling through a 17-0 run every loose ball bounce and 50-50 call (or no call) seemed to go Brooklyn's way and if that wasn't the fact, the Pacers believed it so and were distracted far too long to overcome the Nets' closing effort.

Considering the circumstances this wasn't a loss like the Pacers took in Boston where there was just no 'there' there. The Pacers showed up, they just didn't get it done down the stretch. Now they move on with two more chances this week to work things out on the road at Charlotte and Orlando.

One thing we learned on Sunday is that a playoff series with the Nets would be a good time.

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