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Basketball Hall Of Fame Links: Reggie Miller, Mel Daniels Send Pacers In Hall With Class

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Thanks to some long-winded speeches with no time limit, it took about an hour longer than expected, but the Indiana Pacers now have two official members of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

Actually, in the case of Mel Daniels, it took an hour plus many years longer than expected. But last night turned out quite well for the Pacers all things considered. While it wasn't perfect with Daniels back home in Indy, his taped speech captured the essence of the big man who wasn't going to pontificate on his life anyways. Instead he paid tribute to his former coach Slick Leonard, teammates and the ABA as a league. That part was perfect.

Reggie Miller hit it on the nose as well with his speech that was quite entertaining and ended just when he realized he was about to start rambling. As the last to speak, Reggie was definitely the highlight inductee of the night and he rose to the occasion.

After the jump, check out some links with stories on the night as well as a couple of video clips. But first, here's Reggie copping to a little physical play in some of his bigger moments.

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