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Illness Likely to Keep Mel Daniels from Hall of Fame Ceremony

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Sad news as the Hall of Fame ceremony draws near is the unfortunate report that Mel Daniels has an illness that makes his availability for the Hall of Fame induction tomorrow evening unlikely. Mike Wells reported that Daniels is in the hospital with an illness after missing his today's press conference as a quote from Donnie Walsh casts further doubt on Daniels's cances to attend, saying, "From what I understand, he won't be able to (attend the ceremony)."

There is no report on the severity of the illness or a timetable for Daniels's recovery, but it's nothing if not terrible timing for the long overdue ABA great, set to finally earn his spot in the Hall of Fame and be the first (of hopefully many) ABA Pacers representatives in the Hall. Our wishes go to Daniels in hopes for a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: Pacers media relations chief, David Benner offered an update on Daniels (here and here) after speaking with his wife CeCe. Uncle Mel, as Reggie refers to him, is in an Indy hospital unable to travel with an infection. He's doing fine though and expects to be released on Saturday. Get well, Mel!