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Larry Brown Offers His Hall Of Fame Thoughts On Reggie Miller

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Much of the credit for the rise to prominence in the Eastern Conference by the Indiana Pacers in the 1990's rightly rests with Larry Brown, who coached the Pacers for four seasons starting with the 1993-94 season.

Brown took over a playoff team and turned them into a playoff contender while Michael Jordan whiffed on curve balls. Of course, Reggie Miller...excuse me... Hall of Famer Reggie Miller made those teams go on the court delivering many of his epic moments with Brown on the bench.

Hard to believe the much-traveled Hall of Fame coach is now coaching college again at SMU, but that's where Brown is these days and that's where Grady & Big Joe caught up with him on Wednesday to discuss Reggie's Hall of Fame moment later in the week. LB cut to the chase when when discussing the impact Reggie had for him as a coach.

It made it easier for me to coach because when your best player does all of the right things, from the way he practices to the way he cares about his teammates, to the way he respects the game, it makes it easy. If your best player is not a good guy in the NBA, you don't have a chance to coach. And Reggie allowed me to do that.

Brown also relays some good stories, including Reggie trying to draw up a play for Haywoode Workman in a key playoff moment against Orlando. LB and Billy King had to let Reg know there was a reason Haywoode would be open.

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