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Pacers Hall Of Fame: Mel Daniels Simply A Beast In The Post For Pacers

There is no shortage of Hall of Fame moments captured in video clips from Reggie Miller's career. All of those big shots and big moments captured from various angles, with radio and TV calls, in slo-motion replays and with analysis many years later from those involved.

But let's not forget about Mel Daniels, the former Pacers force in the post who will fittingly share the stage in Springfield with Reggie. A perfect blend of the ABA and NBA Pacers getting their due respect. The Hall of Fame has the following video with some highlights from the big fella. While not many of highlights of Daniels' great moments are captured on video, there's no mistaking the ferocious power in his game.

How nice to have a strong rebounder who just recoils and attacks the rim without regard for any human lifeform in the vicinity? Oh, and don't tell me Daniels looks a little skinny compared to his contemporary brethren. With modern training, there is no doubt Daniels would've bulked up to more than hold his own with any big in the league.


After the jump, hear what some other ABA legends had to say about the impact Daniels had on the court for the Pacers.