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NBA Blogger Previews: Atlantic Division

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The revamped Atlantic Division should be quite competitive this season.

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Jeff Clark from CelticsBlog has the NBA blogger previews rolling again this year and first up is the Atlantic Division. Plenty of high-profile names and changes impacting these teams looking to improve on last season's results. I can talk myself into Boston, Brooklyn, New York and Philly all making a run at the division title. But there is a strong 'IF' involved with making that case for each team. If the Celtics stay healthy... If the Nets figure out how to play together... If the Knicks can stick to a style of play that utilizes their talent (ok, this may be a stretch)... If the Sixers can get Bynum to play for team goals and not clash with Doug Collins...

Who do you think will win the Atlantic? Let's see what the bloggers had to say about their teams.

Atlantic Division

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