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Danny Granger had PRP treatment for knee during Miami series, expects to start season

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Earlier this week, Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel mentioned that Danny Granger tweaked his left knee during offseason workouts and would take it easy through the start of camp. Today during a interview with Query & Schultz, Vogel downplayed the injury concerns for Granger, saying he would be ready to go when camp starts.

Mike Wells caught up with Granger at the golf outing on Thursday and he confirmed the team is being cautious with the knee during camp but he will be ready to play when the season starts. He also revealed that the knee was bothering him during the playoffs which resulted in some advanced treatment.

Q: What's going on with the your knee?

A: Just taking it slow through training camp. I had an injury in my tendon or something that I flared up in the offseason working out. They put PRP (platelet rich plasma) in it, which is a way to help it heal better. I actually did it toward the end of the Miami series. It was fine, but then I started training this summer and it got irritated, so we just slowed it down.

PRP is type of biologic medical procedure similar to treatment performed on Kobe Bryant and others in Germany to try to relieve nagging knee injuries. This story explains the different methods in layman's terms.

In retrospect, kind of funny to think about all of the hand wringing and drama surrounding Dwyane Wade's leg injury early in the series while Granger was obviously playing through some pain of his own without making it an issue.