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Pacers Offseason Links: Television schedule for all 82 games released

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The Pacers will have all of their 82 regular season games televised for the 2012-13 season.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Indiana Pacers are quickly becoming must see TV and not just for local fans of the team, but fans of the NBA in general.

The team's success last season, which ended by giving a hearty scare to the eventual champs in Miami, helped secure a few appearances on national broadcasts for the upcoming season, while the remainder of the games will be broadcast locally by FOX Sports Indiana.

Yep, this season all 82 regular season games will be broadcast. Five will be shown on TNT or ESPN with the rest on FS Indiana (including a few simulcasts on NBA TV). No more missing random afternoon games in New Jersey (Booklyn!) or a late night roadie in Sacramento. Ratings should definitely be up for this Pacers team right from the start of the season.

Along with coming off a strong finish to last season, the hype machine is already rolling for the highlight potential from Gerald Green and Paul George at any moment. That alone will draw the attention of NBA gawkers around the globe. Then the Pacers just have to win games to sustain the early intrigue.

Sounds easy enough.

Here are the links: