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Comeback Day: Pacers rally to beat Knicks, of course

The Pacers added to their history of comeback wins over their rivals from New York last season.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Comeback Day offers plenty of options when you consider the Indiana Pacers.

Whether it is the franchise literally coming back from a telethon hosted by Slick Leonard to become a stable franchise or Hall of Famer Reggie Miller digging into his bag of tricks to pull out a comeback win in thrilling fashion, the franchise knows comebacks.

With training camp about to start, I'm thinking more about the current version of the Pacers. I realized the Pacers have had monumental comebacks against the New York Knicks in the '90's, but last season's comeback win against the Knicks on April 3rd was quite meaningful for this current squad.

The Pacers appeared a lock to make the playoffs for much of the season, but the team sputtered through March with the biggests gasps for air coming in back-to-back losses to the Knicks around St. Patty's Day. Jeremy Lin was rolling and the Knicks appeared on their way to becoming a post-season problem while the Pacers appeared to be teetering on a familiar level of mediocrity.

Fast forward two weeks and the Pacers ended March with an 8-9 record, still trying to find a consistent level of play that could win games. The team played well in their last loss of the month in San Antonio, however. The Spurs matched the high level of play and then some in that game, but at least there was hope.

The Pacers then opened April with a meh home overtime win over the Houston Rockets minus Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin. Then the Knicks returned, this time without Lin, but still with plenty of confidence the could impose their will on the Pacers, again.

The Knicks took a 17-point lead late in the third quarter and then the Pacers went on a roll that would last the remainder of the season. Danny Granger paid homage to Reggie Miller following the HoF announcement with 14 fourth-quarter points included a trio of treys which helped wipe out the deficit and give the Pacers a three-point lead.

From there, Paul George scored the Pacers next seven points, part of his 11-point quarter as the Pacers ended up running away from the staggered Knicks, outscoring the visitors 40-17 in the fourth quarter before a delirious Fieldhouse crowd.

Comeback complete with a 112-104 win, the win indicated that this was not the same Pacers team of the recent past. They were growing up and ready to make big strides forward. And that they did, finishing April with a 12-3 record which included win streaks of four and seven games.

Such a nice memory from last season which adds a little excitement to the pending "comeback" of the Pacers to the Fieldhouse to start the 2012-13 season.

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