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Roy Hibbert Honors Fan, Supports Bone Marrow Donor Drive


Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert has had plenty of fun with fans off the court this year turning his Area 55 crew into an extended family. On Saturday, Hibbert took more serious action off the court in support of a big fan, as well.

Earlier in the offseason, Hibbert just missed a chance to meet 12-year old Lee Eddins in person. Eddins, a huge fan in Sacramento, passed after a battle with Leukemia not long before Hibbert would arrive for a visit. After Hibbert's heartbreaking experience and visit with Eddins' family, the big fella declared he would honor Eddins by supporting to help find bone marrow donors.

Saturday, Hibbert promoted a bone marrow drive at Castleton Mall to urge fans to sign up for the bone marrow donor registry and have their cheek swabbed to add to a match database. The Pacers joined Hibbert in the effort by offering fans two tickets for signing up.

Well done, Big Dawg, an All-Star on and off the court for the Pacers.

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