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Paul George Impressed With New Pacers Teammates

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Indiana Pacers guards George Hill and Paul George spent the bulk of their Thursday pumping up their G2 Zone with radio appearances all over town all day. G3 seemed to have blast trading jokes on the Smiley Morning Show while PG had the afternoon shift, hitting the sports talkers to talk Pacers with Dan Dakich, Query & Schultz and JMV.

PG was rollin' with Double-D and ended up staying on the air through a couple of breaks for about an hour. From all of the interviews, PG mentioned how he immediately went to work on his ball handling following the loss to Miami last May.

He brought in a coach from NYC to focus on his handles and maintained that focus throughout the offseason. Hopefully that work shows up when the season tips off. Late in his chat with Dan Dakich, PG expressed his thoughts on new teammates D.J. Augustin and Gerald Green and what they can bring to the second unit.

DD: Do you know D.J. Augustin.

PG: I didn't.

DD: Do you now?

PG: Yeah, man (pause) I just gotta say, watch out. He can play. He's been awesome.

DD: I'm glad to hear that because I liked Collison. I liked him in high school, recruited him a little bit, I liked him at UCLA. I just thought he was a winning guy so I'm glad to hear you say that about Augustin. I didn't know him nearly as well.

PG: D.J., he's been looking real, real, real great throughout our pick up games this week.

DD: I'm glad to hear that. I really am.

PG: Gerald Green, as well.

DD: That's a freak now, right?

PG: Yeah, he's done some wild things (laugh). I can fly, but man, watching him take off is somethin', somthin' to see.

I've always found PG to be confident to the point at cocky, yet still self-aware and that came through strong in these interviews today. He's definitely not a rookie anymore and although he's still just 22 years old, PG sounds like he expects his NBA game to mature on the court even if he's still a youngin' off it.

Oh, and you can still take your shot at free season tickets in the G2 Zone through Sunday.

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