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Pacers Links: 'Blue Collar - Gold Swagger' For 2012-13 Season

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The Indiana Pacers announced "Blue Collar - Gold Swagger" as their theme for the 2012-13 season which evokes great memories of where the team left off in the playoffs last season in front of a rowdy, gold-clad crowd at Bankers Life Fieldhouse while at the same time looking ahead to the work in front of the current team to return to another playoff run into May.

Last season is long gone and in a couple of weeks with the start of training camp, the Pacers will return to being judged on a day-to-day basis with no extra credit for anything done last spring. Can't wait!

Soon we will find out if this team can handle a little success. Also, in the case of George Hill and Roy Hibbert, if they can handle a bigger paycheck. As much as this team resembles the team that played last May, there are plenty of changes that will force this team to develop a fresh identity, hopefully building on what they had going last year.

But again, last year provides no help going forward. Just some fun memories and a marker in time for a franchise still trying to trend upward in the Eastern Conference.

After the jump, a few links of interest including a fabulous podcast with Roy Hibbert and comedienne Chelsea Peretti recounting their night out in Hollywood last year after Hibbert broke his nose in a big win over the Lakers.

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