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Leandro Barbosa Still Looking For His Next Team

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Guard Leandro Barbosa helped give the Indiana Pacers a boost down the stretch of the regular season last year. The Brazilians speed and unique ability to get in the lane and finish provided some exciting moments for the Pacers, not to mention some much-needed offense for the second unit.

Following an ankle injury prior to the playoffs, Barbosa was unable to give the the team any of those desperately-needed microwave flashes of scoring as the second unit came up short when the stakes rose against Miami. As a free agent, the Pacers and Barbosa are no longer a good fit thanks to a mismatch in salary and desired role in the playing rotation.

According to a report out of Brazil, Barbosa is talking with the Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns and Brooklyn Nets. Pure speculation but I'd assume the Lakers are his first choice where he can join former teammate Steve Nash and play for a ring, even if his role is limited. But the Lakers and Nets both seem like long shots based on the fact that they don't have the money to spend or room for Barbosa.

That may force Barbosa to return to Phoenix where he can apply his positive veteran influence and find more minutes on the court.

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