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Leukemia Takes Life Of Fan Before Hibbert Arrives For Visit

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Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert was on his way to the Indianapolis Airport to catch a flight to Sacramento to meet one of his fans when he received the news that his new hero, 12-year-old Lee Eddins had succumbed to his terminal bout with Leukemia.

When he learned of Eddins illness and the boy's desire to meet the Pacers center, Hibbert made plans for a surprise personal visit. Now Hibbert will go to Sacramento to meet his new hero's family and learn as much about the boy as he can. You can also expect Hibbert to dedicate his time and money to raising awareness for bone marrow donors which he started while waiting for his flight at the airport.

A distraught Hibbert spoke with CNN about the tragic situation while making sure to mention, a website with information on how to become a bone marrow donor. Here is the interview:

Our sincerest sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friend of Lee Eddins. Rest in peace.