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Roy Hibbert Notifies Season 3 Area 55 Winners

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Congratulations to all of the fans who earned entrée into Area 55 for the upcoming season. Also, congrats to Roy Hibbert and the Pacers for making the whole season three selection process an event worth following.

I realize it is easy to feel some Roy-is-freakin'-awesome fatigue, but how can you not see how he's handled every part of the process and not think -- Roy is freakin' awesome!

That holds true down to the final day when he personally called all 55 winners to notify them that hey had won season tickets to get nuts in the club level at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. has a few videos capturing Hibbert reaching out to fans to let them know they won a golden ticket and, again...freakin' awesome.

Hibbert hits Northwood Elementary to let one fan know, calls several other fans and then has George Hill prank one of two brothers who made it, initially telling the brother on the phone that he didn't make it. The reaction audibly represents a person slumping into a pile of disappointment. Hilarious!

Here are all of the winners. Nice work, Roy.

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