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IC Cold Links: Could Air Guard Team USA Better Than Nigeria?


The title of this post may sound insulting but it is intended to cut former Indiana Pacer Ike Diogu and his Nigerian teammates a break after getting run over by Team USA 156-73 in Group A play at the Olympics.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski and the USA squad was left shrugging their shoulders over the team's ridiculous shooting performance against Nigeria. 81% on two-point field goals? 29 three-balls? Did you see Carmelo snapping off three-pointers in the third quarter? He looked like he was trying to miss at one point and didn't.

I'm convinced, with no other team on the court, Team USA couldn't repeat that shooting performance if each player took the same shots from the same spots on the floor against air. The only complaint I would have about Coach K summarily dismissing the talk of running it up on Nigeria is to wonder why the U.S. squad launched 46 three-pointers. But again, they were all launching them because they figured a bad shot from behind the arc was more sporting than a better shot closer to the rim. But the ball kept going through the hoop..


Check out the links after the jump including stories on a few Pacers players taking part in youth hoop camps.