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Pacers Offseason Links: Which Players Make The Best Pacers 3-on-3 Team?

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Which Indiana Pacers' trio would perform best as a 3-on-3 team?

With FIBA pushing for an international 3-on-3 tournament, SB Nation's NBA posse decided we should see which NBA teams could field a competitive 3-on-3 squad for a tournament stateside. Now we have some ground rules which make things interesting for the Pacers. First, the general rules to consider.

Assume basic FIBA rules (which aren't much different from NBA rules). The only essential difference is half court -- so fast breaking will be minimized. Baskets are 2 points and 3 points, just like in FIBA, losers outs. Not that it much matters to the process of picking the team.

The key, though is that we are only picking three players. No subs. This means in terms of the Pacers you have to decide whether to go small, big or cover all aspects. Any way you slice it, there are mismatches in favor and against the blue and gold. So let me know your thoughts and which trio of Pacers you think would fare best.

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