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Paul George Impresses LeBron James During China Trip

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Indiana Pacers guard Paul George spent this past week on a Nike junket in China with a few other NBA players as they canvassed the cities to meet and greet the locals, showcase their skills and of course, sell the swoosh.

All of the NBA players on the trip, including LeBron James, came together for their last appearance in Shanghai to help open up the city's Festival of Sport before heading back to the States. According to LBJ, PG put on quite a show when they all gathered on a basketball court which earned him a little Twitter affirmation.

And now we depart this harmless, fun-loving post for a detour through conspiracy land (sorry, I'm getting loopy in late August of the NBA offseason).

Careful, PG!

LeBron already knew you had hops and can dunk with the best of them. He also knows his dream season nearly turned to a nightmare against the Pacers. He knows one reason the Heat came back and won the series was because you were a young buck feeling the second-round playoff pressure for the first time and playing with awe in your eyes against him and Dwyane Wade. He likes that relationship and what better way to maintain it than to develop a big brother/little brother chumfest.

Careful, PG.

You guys aren't chums, you're colleagues - equals on the court, fighting for the same air space. Gotta keep that edge to keep improving and be a key cog in your team beating his team at its best. Winning a title is far more cool than telling people you're buds with LeBron James.

Just play it smooth and don't let LBJ knowl that you know he's working the mind games. Don't want to create a beef and have King James on a mission to crown your ass at every opportunity for the forseeable future, either.

Now back to reality, here is the signature dunk from PG that had the folks in Shanghai rockin'.