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Report: Jim O'Brien Frontrunner To Join Rick Carlisle In Dallas

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According to reports from Dallas, former Indiana Pacers head coach Jim O'Brien is the leading candidate to fill a vacant assistant coaching position with another former Pacers coach, Rick Carlisle and the Dallas Mavericks. JOB would replace Terry Stotts on the bench next to Carlisle now that Stotts is calling the shots for the Portland Trail Blazers as their head coach. reported Thursday that O'Brien had become the "new name to watch" after the Mavericks saw two other candidates from their initial list, Steve Clifford and Jay Triano, take jobs with the Lakers and Trail Blazers, respectively.

Sources told on Friday that O'Brien has indeed already interviewed with Carlisle and ranks as the Mavs' top target given Carlisle's reported preference to replace Stotts with a former NBA head coach.

Hopefully someone captures the reaction of Dahntay Jones the first time he's told the news of JOB joining him in Dallas.

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