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Roy Hibbert Ready To Judge Tryouts For Area 55

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Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert is hosting tryouts for inclusion in Area 55 for the 2012-13 season on Saturday at a Kroger in Greenwood. Something tells me the Big Dawg will have some tough decisions to make this year.

Much like the Hibbert's game, Area 55 has exceeded expectations and grown in stature each season. This is the third year that Hibbert will sponsor Area 55 where he give season tickets to 55 of the rowdiest fans he can find. For the first season, the response to the incredible offer was pretty mild. But that worked in the special section's favor. There were no posers among that first season's collection of hard core fans which took their responsibilities to enhance the environment at Bankers Life Fieldhouse quite seriously.

Last season, there was a far better turn out for auditions but still, considering the chance to earn free season tickets, you'd think more people would respond. But then the Pacers made the playoffs and then made some serious noise in the playoffs. And at every home game, Area 55 was making their own special brand of noise.

So now, Hibbert is offering up spots to Area 55 to go crazy for a team everyone expects to make the playoffs in a wild environment at the Fieldhouse. Yep, there should be plenty of interest in winning a spot this season. Here are all of the details, including how to audition on line if you can't make it to Greenwood.

Good luck to everyone who auditions for Area 55. I can't wait to see how the section brings the noise this season.

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