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Scoreboard! Bankers Life Fieldhouse Announces Upgrade For Pacers

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The Indiana Pacers are trying to maintain their spot among the top teams in the NBA's Eastern Conference on the court, but there is no doubt they will have a scoreboard advantage on the whole NBA for the upcoming season.

On Thursday, Jim Morris and Rick Fuson announced the plans for a new HD scoreboard that will resemble the monster scoreboard at Dallas Cowboys Stadium although on a scale to fit the Fieldhouse. That thing is nuts! It will certainly enhance the in-game experience for fans in every part of the Fieldhouse, especially up top.

Of course, that is one of the goals of this major upgrade, to get more people to the top levels of the Fieldhouse more often. Jon Murray has a nice break down on all of the details, including the funding for the luxury item. The Pacers made sure to emphasize that they are footing the bill for the scoreboard without using any tax payer money, although it wouldn't take much to argue that they are relying shell game accounting. No doubt the $30 million in CIB money over the past three years helped the team save its pennies for this upgrade.

But the bottom line is that the Fieldhouse is a gem among NBA arenas and PS&E is making sure it continues to age as the best arena in the league. This scoreboard will certainly enhance that image. Check out a few tweets after the jump with images of the scoreboard. Gonna be sweet!