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Pacers Sports & Entertainment Announcing Improvements To Bankers Life Fieldhouse

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The Indiana Pacers spent part of their Wednesday pumping up a press conference on Thursday where they will "announce major improvements and upgrades to Bankers Life Fieldhouse." Pacers Sports & Entertainment's COO Rick Fuson and President Jim Morris will share the news at 2:00 p.m. ET on Thursday.

Press releases, tweets, Facebook posts were popping up all day touting the major improvements for the Fieldhouse. So yeah, they have me intrigued. I'm hoping for a retractable roof (hey, I'm expecting the Pacers to play well into May so the weather could be perfect), but I'll settle for a major WiFi upgrade.

Whatever the upgrades, I 'm sure the real motivation for announcing the upgrades is derived more from recent news of the Capitol Improvement Board passing their budget without any Fieldhouse subsidies after completing a 3-year. $30 some odd million agreement to help with operating costs and upgrades.

If the team is going to work with the CIB on an independent deal in the future, the first question will be: What did you do with the $10 mil/year from our last deal. Apparently, we will find out tomorrow.

So, think about what kind upgrades you'd like to see at the Fieldhouse and share them in the comments. No request is too absurd or practical.

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