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Paul George Enjoys Giving Back With Kids Camp In Home Town

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Indiana Pacers guard Paul George spent last week tending to his basketball camp back home in Southern California. The camp sounds like a labor of love for PG with the chance to give back to the kids who may be trying to follow in his footsteps.

George's sister Teoisha takes care of the details while PG focuses on the on-court part of the camp, even luring in teammate Danny Granger in as a special guest. Granger may have done more at PG's camp than his own camp here in Indy.

Camps have been an interesting topic of late since Granger missed the first day of his two-day camp here in Indy. Granger had a legit excuse for his late arrival, but the camp was running business as usual whether DG was there or not. Of course, that camp was run by essentially, a camp company that just used Granger's name and appearance to do whatever the camp asked of him.

For the kids back home, George is making sure he is fully involved in the action with his campers (parenthetical comments are mine).

"I still enjoy all of this," George said. "It's all fun to me. I don't want to run a camp where I just show up for a short amount time and take a few pictures and leave (*cough, GRANGER, *cough, *cough). These kids are like my little brothers and sisters. They all have so much personality. It's great to just come out here and have some fun with all these kids."

It's not all fun and games for George, who is working out five days a week this summer. George, an honorable mention all-NBA defensive selection this past season, says he tries to add something new to his workouts each time.

"I work on things I need to get better at. Iwant to improve my ball-handling and shooting," George said. "This year coming up I want to be a big contributor. I want to contribute on the offensive end.

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