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Wells: Pacers to Sign Roy Hibbert to 4 Year, $58 Million Contract

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Mike Wells reported earlier this afternoon, per sources, that the Pacers would match the max offer sheet from Portland on Roy Hibbert's four year, $58 million deal. While the debate raged whether or not Indiana should retain Hibbert's services at such a premium, one that makes him, based on his production in his four years, an overpaid player, the need for Indiana to maintain their success from the 2011-12 season rested on continuity. With George Hill expressing his desire for the Pacers to build on that continuity, the signing seemed within reach.

Even though Hibbert may not be worth the price, his work ethic is not expected to change, his desire to improve is not likely to fall off. With his continued improvement that resulted in an All-Star bid this past season, it's hard to imagine him not continuing to take step forwards through the duration of this contract, making it as sound as an overpaid contract you can hand out. After all, at some point, you have to ride with what you have, and if not now for Indiana, when?

David Aldridge also reported that the Pacers will not be matching Portland's offer sheet, but instead directly signing Hibbert to the 4 year and $58 million.