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Pacers Vs. 76ers: Summer League Game Thread

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The Orlando Pro Summer League is off an running with the Indiana Pacers wrapping up the action on day one against the Philadelphia 76ers at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Like all summer league games, the Pacers and Sixers will be televised on NBA TV. The games can also be viewed online through a NBA's broadband league pass for $14.95. That covers every summer league game in Orlando and Las Vegas, although I think I'd still prefer the one camera Orlando crew for free.

This game will give Pacer fans a glimpse at rookies Miles Plumlee and Orlando Johnson playing together for the first time. Surely they'll play plenty of minutes with Lance Stephenson and Jeff Pendergraph as all four players expected to be on the regular season roster get in some quality work down in Orlando.

Philadelphia's summer squad is highlighted by 15th overall pick Moe Harkless out of St. John's, along with another pair of interesting rookie point guards in Jacob Pullen and Zach Rosen. The Sixers also have a familiar face with former Pacers big man Solomon Jones running with the team and looking to attract attention for an NBA roster spot.

Please check in during the game and leave your thoughts and observations in the comments. Remember: It's just summer league, but it is still fun to watch.