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Pacers Free Agency Links: Summer Pacers Off To Orlando; Free Agent Options In Focus

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The Indiana Pacers summer league team will begin play in Orlando on Monday afternoon while the team's front office works toward July 11th when they will have to decide in earnest what to do about Roy Hibbert's contract offer.

At this point, matching and maintaining the momentum from last season seems like the only option that keep fans coming back to the Fieldhouse in the short term, not to mention keeping the players dialed in as a group, working together to improve. George Hill made that point in comments to Mike Wells about his recent signing.

"That's the biggest thing," Hill said.

"To keep things rolling, you need to get everybody back so it's the way it was before. If we don't get Roy back, that puts us a big step back from what we're doing. We'll have to find another (center) who can fill in and we'll have to get used to playing with him. We need to get Roy back."

Letting Hibbert go for Chris Kaman at a lower price might not force the Pacers to take a huge step back but it would a step back and also look cheap, which isn't a good look for attracting other players. Assuming Hibbert is matched, that leaves the Pacers trying to add O.J. Mayo or Courtney Lee. Another option may be at point guard, with Aaron Brooks hitting the free agent market. The speedy Brooks would be a good option if the Pacers make a deal for Darren Collison, although any team looking to deal for Collison may just snap up Brooks on the open market instead.

So, plenty of questions remain, many of which will be answered by this time next week.

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