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NBA Free Agency Links: Pacers Put Summer League Team Through Paces; Ray Allen Improves Heat

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The Indiana Pacers summer league team has been going hard the past two days with three-hours of intense practice to immerse their young players in the ways of the NBA. Guard Lance Stephenson is also getting plenty of attention as the Pacers want to give the third-year guard a chance to show he is getting what it takes to succeed in the NBA.

For Stephenson, that goes past staying with your man off the ball on defense or getting the ball into the lane. He needs to show he can lead his teammates, make smart decisions and slow down his game to account for everyone on the floor with him.

On the free agent scene, the biggest news last night was former Boston Celtics guard, Ray Allen taking his text-book jumper to South Beach to play with the Miami Heat. Allen stuck it to the C's by joining the defending champs for minimal cash after getting jerked around last season at the trade deadline. Fabulous, the Heat get better and reload Mike Miller's spot-up spot in the playing rotation.

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