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NBA Free Agency: Trail Blazers In Full-Fledged Game of Hypocrisy

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You've got to be kidding me. Really? These tweets can't be serious can they? Berger and Co. have to be making this stuff up, right?

Berger: Others have touched on this, but Blazers have nothing but contempt for Minnesota's bid for RFA Nicolas Batum. Sorry, Nic, you're staying.

John Canzano: Paul Allen "livid" with Minnesota's pursuit of Nic Batum. Feels they're in this only to drive Portland's price higher.

This is the same franchise that offered "toxic," front-loaded contracts to try to ensure the Utah Jazz wouldn't match for Paul Milsap and Wes Matthews. This is the same franchise that set the "overpay" precedent this offseason by offering Roy Hibbert (a non-max player) a max contract.

Contempt? Livid? And what emotions do you think other fans/front offices have felt while Portland attempts to annually pillage their rosters with offers of overpriced/toxic contracts?

Overpaying is a common theme in free agency that will eventually haunt NBA owners in collective bargaining. Overpaying, I think most NBA fans can handle because it's such a prominent element when dealing with desperate teams and sophisticated/wheeling-and-dealing agents. Overpaying with a complete disregard for how your past and current actions may affect other NBA teams/moves? That's just myopia of epic proportions.

No one feels bad for you Paul and Neil. As the old saying goes, "you reap what you sow."

Gotta love NBA free agency.