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George Hill Courting Courtney Lee To Sign With Pacers


Indiana Pacers point guard George Hill had a real nice vacation in the Virgin Islands considering his agent agreed to a new five-year contract with the Pacers while he was relaxing in paradise.

So after he returned Hill was excited and looking to add a familiar face to the Pacers roster. Unrestricted free agent Courtney Lee who played against Hill in high school at Pike High School and played with him untold number of times in a variety of local hoop settings would be a real nice fit for the Pacers right now. At least Hill thinks, so.

Hill and Lee were taken four spots apart in the first round of 2008 NBA draft and both have carved out solid careers considering they were always overshadowed in high school by other high profile players in Indy. The local legend angle is nice for the Pacers, but more importantly, a versatile wing who can defend and hit the three like Lee would fill the gap in the playing rotations left by Leandro Barbosa.

The Rockets had their eyes on bigger prizes when they turned Lee loose, so they may be the leading contenders to sign him again. Along with the Pacers, Chicago, Washington and L.A. Clippers are also reportedly showing interest in Lee's services. Here's a nice look at why Lee would may sense for the Wizards.

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