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NBA Free Agency: Eric Gordon Agrees To Max Deal With Phoenix Suns

Local legend and New Orleans Hornets restricted free agent guard Eric Gordon agreed to a max offer from the Phoenix Suns for four years and around $58 million. This is the same deal as Roy Hibbert agreed to with Portland so the money is an estimate and while Gordon and the Suns agreed to the deal, EJ can't sign the offer sheet until July 11th.

Once Gordon signs, New Orleans expects to match to offer, although Gordon made his feelings known that he would prefer going to Phoenix.

The Hornets had always indicated they planned to match whatever offer Gordon received, and they don't appear willing to change that stance in spite of Gordon's public proclamation that "Phoenix is just where my heart is now."

Gordon reportedly met with the Indiana Pacers on Sunday to kick off the free agent negotiation period, but there was never a mention of an offer. With the Hornets expressing an interest in retaining Gordon and Herb Simon's preference not to go after restricted free agents, the Pacers and Gordon likely parted ways without mention of an offer being made.

Plus, if the Pacers intend to keep Roy Hibbert they will need to cap space to match the max offer he expects to sign from Portland.

Happy 4th of July!

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