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Olympic Basketball Game Thread And Links: Team USA Vs. Tunisia Caps Second Round Of Games

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The men's Olympic basketball tournament resumes today with the second round of pool play games. Russia and Spain have already moved to 2-0 and as expected appear to be the strongest challengers out of Pool B to contend with Team USA.

Team USA will play Tunisia in the day's final game at 5:15 p.m. ET although the Pool A game is not a case of saving the best for last. While there are several strong teams in the Olympics with many NBA players representing different countries, Tunisia is not one of those. In fact, the U.S. team is reportedly a 55-point favorite. Tunisia may be the play there, assuming Team USA calls off the dogs at some point.

The games can be seen on NBC's Olympic Basketball channel on various cable/satellite outlets or streaming live on

After the jump, check out a few links on the day's news around the NBA and feel free to share your thoughts and observations on the Olympic hoop games and anything related to the NBA offseason.