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Pacers Offseason Links: Pacers In Market For Insurance Guard

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Recent reports on remaining free agents have indicated the Indiana Pacers are in the market to add a guard to the roster. Josh Howard and Jodie Meeks are among the players the Pacers have supposedly shown interest which makes sense.

Ideally the Pacers wing rotation is already set with Gerald Green and Lance Stephenson as the first and second wings off the bench. I say ideally because while the Pacers may be ready to give Stephenson a full go in a backup role, they surely would like a little insurance on the bench.

George Hill can also slide to the shooting guard spot to play with D.J. Augustin but G3 will primarily play point guard. Currently, that just leaves rookie Orlando Johnson who would be an even bigger risk than Stephenson in his rookie season. So an inexpensive wing with experience would help further solidify the roster.

I'm sure the Pacers would like to bring back Leandro Barbosa in that role, which would include less minutes and money, because of what he brings on the court and in the locker room. But Barbosa is looking for as many minutes and as much money as he can get on the open market. As denggoy1 mentioned, there are some inexpensive options still on the market and ultimately relying on any of these players would mean the Pacers are going through a tough season.

But as insurance to get through minor injury issues or fluctuations in youthful confidence, finding the right player to fit on the current roster would make for a worthwhile addition for the Pacers.

Check out a few links after the jump, including Frank Vogel commenting on the Pacers offseason.