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NBA Free Agency Links: Kaman, Pacers Enjoy Dinner Together

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The Indiana Pacers had a productive meeting with unrestricted free agent center Chris Kaman on Monday night as they look to fortify their options in the front court should Roy Hibbert not return. Yahoo! Sports' Marc J. Spears reported through twitter last night that the meeting went well, which was backed up by a few other reporters.

Kaman is coming off of a 5-year, $52 million contract that paid him $14 million last season, according to ShamSports. The value in choosing Kaman over Hibbert, which the Pacers would be doing since they can match Hibbert's offer, would be the ability to sign him at a lower cap number. But how much lower? No doubt the Pacers are working with some analysis of production per cap space dollar but there remain risks that aren't on the stat sheet.

But those risks go both ways with Kaman and Hibbert. With no offer to Kaman, the Pacers are letting things play out here until next week. Considering all of the local burn bans this week, at least we'll get some fireworks out of the Fieldhouse next week.

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